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SSTESOL 2017 – Game On!

April 18th, 2017

This page is a temporary place holder/preview of some of the Gamification events for the upcoming SSTESOL Conference. Click here to learn more about the conference.  This page will go live prior to the conference in May 2017. Hope to see you there. 

Try something new, earn some experience points Experience Points (XP), and possibly even win some prizes. This year as you tackle challenges and share what you are learning at the conference, we will be keeping track of your XP, posting the best gamers to the leaders’ board and awarding prizes throughout the conference.

This year’s games and challenges include:

Sunshine Selfies*

Greater Groupies*

Meme Maker Madness*

Battle of the Bitmojis 

Hashtag Challenge

Oyster Bed Challenge

Where in the World?

Minute Mentor

Bricks & Clicks Challenge

Reach Out and Teach Someone


* Additional XP for featured photos, pictures with publishers, selfies with board members and grammar fail memes.