2013 SSTESOL Board: Call for Candidates

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Download the PDF for SSTESOL Board Nominations 2013

Nominator's Name (Not required for self-nomination)

Nominee's Name

Nominee's Email

Nominee's Phone Number

Nominee's Position/Title

Nominee's Employer

Nominee's Work Address

Nominee's Letter of Eligibility

In your Letter of Eligibility, please include the following: 1. Please identify your TESOL memberships. 2. Please list the most recent TESOL events you have participated in. 3. How much time would you have available to spend on TESOL business? 4. Would you be able to attend two weekend (Fri. afternoon-Sat.) board meetings and one conference per year? 5. Please list the name, phone number, and email of a SSTESOL member who can confirm your qualifications to serve as on the board. 6. Please provide the following: a. Your professional responsibilities and experiences as they relate to serving SSTESOL (e.g., professional development work, familiarity with teaching and research issues of concern to SSTESOL, having served on other governing boards) b. An elaboration of your interest and motivation to serve in the position for which you have expressed an interest to run (please limit statement to 150–250 words)

Cut & Paste Letter Here


I have read the description for the position in which I am expressing interest. I understand the responsibilities of serving on the SSTESOL Executive Board. I have also notified my immediate supervisor of my intention to seek this position and of the expected commitments. I confirm that the information in this Expression of Interest form is complete, accurate, and up to date. I understand that not everyone who completes an Expression of Interest form will be nominated, in part because the ballot must reflect the diversity of the SSTESOL membership, and in part because of the number of highly qualified people who are in competition for the number of open positions on the ballot. I also understand that if I am not selected by the Nominating Committee for the ballot this year, I am free to submit an Expression of Interest in the future so that I can be considered for other elections.

Acceptance of Acknowledgement and Digital Signature (Required - simply type in your digital signature below as your acceptance of the acknowledgement)



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