Arnhilda Badia Outstanding Student Award

Arnhilda Badia Outstanding Student Award



Purpose: To honor outstanding high school students who achieved academic excellence while learning English as a second language.

Who’s Eligible: High school seniors enrolled in a public school in the state of Florida. Must be accepted to an accredited college or university for fall 2018.

Award: 2 awards at $500.00 USD each

  1. Award Process: Applicant will write a (min) one-page letter of request, which describes the applicant’s academic experiences (including ESOL), highlighting personal and academic challenges and achievements.  Additional information should be included that outlines the applicant’s future educational goal(s), and how this award will be used to pursue that goal.
  2. Recommendation Letter: One letter of recommendation from a current or former teacher will be submitted, providing information relevant to the factors above.
  3. Follow-up: Awardees agree to maintain contact with the SSTESOL President/Board of Directors for up to one year. If feasible and schedule permitting, awardees will attend the 2018 SSTESOL Awards Ceremony to update the organization on their academic pursuits.


Click here or on the button above to submit your application letter and required attachments!  or email it to

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