Conference Call for Proposals 2016

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Proposal Deadline: January 15, 2016

Notification: the week of February 16th, 2016

Questions?  Sarah Courtemanch:

Primary Presenter Name (required)

Primary Presenter Email (required)

Professional Affiliation (required)

Mailing Address (required)

Primary Phone Number (required)

Would you like your email address published in the conference program? (required)

List Other Presenters (If necessary)

Title of Presentation

Select your preferred presentation date

Select your preferred alternate presentation date

Select your presentation type

If asked would you be willing to present your topic as a Roundtable session?

Please understand that SSTESOL is unable to guarantee Internet access in all presentation rooms. However, we are doing our best to accommodate, so to help the board better plan for your presentation, please indicate if you think you will need Internet for your presentation.

Will you require Internet access for your presentation?


Is yours an exhibitor or commercial presentation?

Select your Strand Type

Other: Please explain

Summary for the Program (50 word maximum—please proofread all submissions carefully as this will be used in the program)

Abstract of your presentation (300 word maximum)

Short professional bio for each presenter (30 word maximum: Note that only the first 30 words will be used for each presenter)

Additional Questions (If necessary)



  1. kmukher1219 says:

    Cannot get the proposal to submit…

  2. SDAcevedo says:

    The proposal will not submit. I am emailing a copy.

  3. jiang says:


    If I want to submit the proposal, do I just need to answer above questions? Do I need to do something else?

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