Brick & Click Challenge

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We are extending the Brick and Click Challenge for 2017
So Enter Now!

Hello and welcome to the Brick & Click Challenge. We hope you will join our effort to enhance the SSTESOL website with best practices for teaching language learners. The video below gives a quick explanation. To enter your own ideas, you can click on the link below. Remember, the more ideas you enter, the better your chances of winning a FREE Conference Registration. If you would like to nominate a colleague to share his or her best practices, use the email form below. If your colleague submits and idea, you get another chance to win a free conference registration. So feel free to share this on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again for your help and we hope to see you at the Brick & Click session at this year’s conference.

Click here to submit your bricks and clicks and possibly win a free conference registration. 

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