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 Special Thanks to Carolina Diaz and Maraih Schuemann who really took the Gamification challenge to the next level by making conference videos and sharing them back with us.

Welcome to SSTESOL 2016! This year, the team has decided to try something new, so below you will find information about some online & F2F challenges that we have designed to help gamify the conference a bit. Who knows, if you like them, perhaps we will make gamification something we offer at future SSTESOL Conferences. We hope you enjoy the activities we have created/curated for you. Each day there will be new options available (New activities will unlock as participants begin to try out the challenges). Not sure if you are up to the challenges, ask around and see if you can get others to help you or even join you in working to open up the locked levels.  The more you participate the more Experience Points (XP) you earn, AND THERE WILL BE PRIZES! Also, the more people participate, the faster the levels will be unlocked so spread the word. Can you unlock all the levels before the end of the conference? Good Luck!

Selfie/Groupie Challenge  – Take all the selfies/groupies you want and share your favorite conference pictures with us. The more you share, the more experience points (XP) you earn. Who knows, perhaps this challenge may even spark ideas for using file requests in your classroom. 

Praise-a-Presenter  – Was there something in the program you liked? Would you like to Praise a Presenter. Click here to earn experience points for telling us what you think of the conference or our conference presenters. Also, learn a little bit about how you can activate your own classroom robots for information exchange. 

Screencast Tag?  – Not sure what a screen capture is? Looking to learn some 21st Century teaching skills? Check out screencast tag and teach yourself something that you and your students will love.

Phone/Facebook-a-Friend –  It has been said that teaching is a benevolent contagion. As teachers, we often can’t help but want to infect others with things we have learned. So, why not go ahead and share what you are learning. We will even give you some XP for doing it.

How Do YouTube? – How do you use YouTube in the classroom? Do you have a great youtube video you can share? Would you like to learn more about some apps that can turn your classroom into a video production studio? Check out this challenge to learn more.

It’s Appy Hour  What is your favorite App for teaching English Language Learners? As you chat with your friends, please share your favorite apps with us. Feel free to call us and leave a message 224-358-3765. (Don’t forget to leave your name if you want the XP)

For additional gamification and interactive technology ideas here is the Link to the Bricks and Clicks Session  Where we talked about

Learning in a Giffy

Post It in the Classroom

Greenscreen and Hams

Lego Your Creativity

Augmenting Reality

Google Cardboard


Face Swap



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