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It’s Appy Hour

May 12th, 2016

 It is Appy hour. We hope that you will soon be joining us at our welcome reception, but prior to that, we wanted to spark some discussion. So, here is a conversation starter…

What is your favorite App for teaching English Language Learners?

As you chat with your friends, please share your favorite apps with us. We will give you some XP, and perhaps you can move up a few pegs on the leaders board. Also, it will help the website team curate some of the best apps to feature on our website.

Don’t want to fill out the form, just call us and tell us about your favorite app. Don’t forget to leave your name so we can give you your XP

22-4-FL-TESOL or 224-358-3765

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Your Friend's Email if you are challenging or sharing with a friend.

Have your friend call 22 – 4 – FL – TESOL or (224-358-3765) and let us know what you shared with them. If you are trying to get XP for the Phone-a-friend-challenge

In this space, please share with us what challenge you are working on and then share your links or whatever other information you need to share to earn your XP. If you are challenging a colleague, you may also want to use this space to explain what it is that you are challenging them to do or try. Good Luck!